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Recruitment & Placement Process

Principal Input: We will ask your input by supplying us with detailed personal requirements of the candidates (age limit, gender, education, language, experience, skills etc), as well as job descriptions and the package (salary, other benefits etc.) that the selected candidates can expect being employed by you.

Pre-selection: During the process of pre-selection, we will carry out the pre-screening before presenting the details of the shortlisted candidate(s) Synopsis CV's to the Client.

Selection by Principal: Based on the pre-selection results, we could set-up telephone interviews (in Yangon). If requires, we could arrange the initial interviews in person between you and final screened candidates.

Travel documents: We prepare the necessary travel documents of selected employees and ensure the timely processing of the passport and other related clearances and documents and also a Pre-Departure briefing will be set up for all the selected employees.

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