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About TLE

The Limited Edition is the well-known Hospitality Vocational Institutes and the recruitment company in Myanmar. It was started in 2007 where Ms. Ei Hnin Thway established the first private Hospitality Training Center in Myanmar.

For many years, we specialize in training and we have pools of experts in our specializing in specific areas in order to better serve all individuals and organizations of hospitality industry in Myanmar.

We also provide recruitment service in Myanmar (Burma) and looking for "candidates with potential". As a quality protector, we involve during the entire process of recruiting, training and placement. We established contacts in Government and we are able to assist Hotel partners with the legalization of Myanmar Nationals being employed in GCC countries mainly focused on Hospitality categories.

We do more than only recruitment, the company will also prepare selected candidates to become stable and well motivated employees, through directed recruitment procedures, conducting basic training and arranging all necessary steps before candidates travel to their new destination.


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